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VE Day 75th Anniversary

The nation marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day on 8 May 2020, commemorating the moment when fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe ceased. Throughout the Second World War, over 700 men serving with HAC units, and Company members serving with other units, lost their lives.

To mark the anniversary, a selection of our archival photos from the Second World War have been uploaded to our Gallery page, depicting the HAC's contribution to the Allied war effort. A summary of this contribution can also be read here, or visit our history pages for further information on this, and other, periods of our history.


During the Second World War, the Honourable Artillery Company sent three field artillery regiments and a heavy anti-aircraft regiment on operations overseas.

The 11th (HAC) Regiment, RHA and 12th (HAC) Regiment, RHA fought in North Africa, Sicily and Italy and 13th (HAC) Regiment, RHA fought in North West Europe. The 86th (HAC) HAA Regiment, RA defended London and then landed in Normandy in June 1944, fighting in both anti-aircraft and ground support roles. The Infantry Battalion became an officer training unit for the duration of the war and the national Defence Companies were attached to 13th Royal Fusiliers for home defence.

The Special Constabulary and Armoury House too were in the front line; the former patrolling London during the blitz and the latter hit by up to eight incendiary bombs at various times.

Some 723 members of the Company lost their lives during the conflict.