Specials colourThe HAC Detachment of Special Constabulary undertakes our policing duties. Members receive training at a police college and, once qualified, use Armoury House as their base for a wide range of activities, from traditional policing on the street to policing at ceremonial and public occasions, working closely with their Regular police colleagues.


Initial training is completed within approximately six months with classes typically every other weekend and weekday evenings. Once completed, probationary Special Constables are mentored by more experienced officers as they undertake further training. This can include: personal safety courses, First Aid, updates to laws and procedures and specialised training as required.

Once qualified, Special Constables have the same powers, responsibilities and disciplinary code as regular police officers.


Special Constables within the HAC Detachment undertake a wide range of activities. All are required to police the London Marathon and the Lord Mayor’s Show, as well as complete 200 hours of duties and mandatory training. Beyond this, they also support the Regular City of London police on the street and at other public events. Special Constables with specialised skills will also employ these within the Police Force’s dedicated units. Finally, they undertake ceremonial duties for both the HAC and the City of London Police.


The Detachment also runs a successful Police Cadets unit for young people; see the Cadets page for full details.

Joining the Specials

As a Special Constable, you can make an active and visible contribution to the work of City of London Police. Visit Joining the HAC for full details.

Further Information and Contacts

Details about the Detachment’s history and place within the HAC can be found on our Who We Are: Special Constabulary page. You can also find out more about the Special Constabulary by visiting the City of London Police website or contacting the Company Office who will forward your request.

Special Constabulary Night Shift by St Paul's Cathedral
Special Constabulary policing on London Bridge with Tower Bridge in the background
Special Constabulary receive an award at the Lord Ferrers Awards